Handmade tag is a curated marketplace that aims to provide top-tier handmade goods, from all over the globe. We connect top quality, socially-conscious sellers to customers. Family-run and operated by creative thinkers, Handmadetag is built on the fundamental philosophy that everyday purchases and lifestyle decisions have the power to drive real social and economic change. All of our products encapsulate this philosophy, as they carry with them a social mission. So indulge yourself guilt-free, in our outstanding curation of high-quality ethical and eco-friendly goods - handcrafted and sourced by artisans all over the world.Thank you in advance for embarking with us, on the journey to conscious living!

“They handcraft . We handpick . You hashtag.” #Shophandmadetag


Our HandmadeTag family believes that you can splurge on luxury goods without compromising your health and the well-being of our beautiful planet. We specialize in curating handmade, everyday goods that act in harmony with the environment, your personal style, and your bank account. Through our everyday purchases and lifestyle decisions, we all (whether consciously or unconsciously) communicate a social mission; and many of us purchase art in the form of clothing, shoes, handbags, and interior/exterior decor. Through such art, we have the power to drive true social and economic change. With our excellent curation of ethically hand-crafted, high-quality and eco-friendly goods, you contribute to our mission of bringing conscious living into homes around the globe, while empowering artisans and their communities around the world socially, financially, and economically. Support us and our commitment to spread conscious living through furnishing environmentally friendly and sustainable goods into your home, and the homes of your loved ones.


Quality, not quantity, is at the core of our belief. Handmadetag differentiates itself from competitors by our high standard on seller quality. While other hosting sites focus on maximizing the number of sellers, Handmadetag believes in a careful selection of products that match our standard - in both product quality and sustainability. Instead of an open-door policy, our artisan partners all undergo a meticulous vetting process to ensure that they are able to align with our standards for quality control, production and customer service - as well as social and environmental responsibility. Customers can have confidence that each individual product is handcrafted by one of these reputable sellers. Big-name manufacturers lack the care and personalization that goes into the curation of our goods. Unlike corporate chains, HandmadeTag’s new items are hand picked daily and added to our exciting inventory. These uncommon products are unavailable at brick and mortar stores. Whether shopping for yourself or getting in some holiday shopping, rest assured your online cart is full of original, and high-grade handmade goods.


As committed as we are to delivering quality handmade goods, we are equally passionate about creating a social impact. A portion of all proceeds go directly to nonprofit organizations which support humanitarian and social causes. With every purchase, $1 is directly donated to one of these worthwhile organizations. If you are a humanitarian or social cause contributing to conscious living, e-mail us! If you are an artisan contributing to sustainable and ethical living, ask us how to get your products and services marketing and promoted for FREE!


Shopping on Handmade is a breeze. All purchases come with a 30 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. We offer fast shipping on domestic orders. Our customer service team is there with you every step of the way. Email us, or reach out to @shophandmadetag on IG for questions or concerns.

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